Gosport's 24 hour Fire Service SAVED after campaign by YOUR local Liberal Democrats and the Fire Brigades Union.

As Conservative cuts start to bite, Gosport's 24 hour Fire Service was under threat. In a consultation document drawn up by the Fire Authority, Gosport was to take a huge chunk of the cuts being made across Hampshire.
Under Option One, Gosport
Fire Station will only be manned for 12 hours during the day, for the other 12 hours fire officers will be on call, increasing response times during those hours by 4 minutes.
Under Option Two, Gosport Fire Station will only be manned by 2 firemen during those 12 hours, meaning that for anything other than a minor fire, we would have to wait for on call firemen or an engine to come from somewhere else.

This was NOT good enough and we believed that this would put lives and property at risk, a view shared by the Fire Brigades Union.

With YOUR support we asked the Fire Authority to think again and to consider a third option. An option supported by the Fire Brigades Union, this 3rd Option that was to have a full crew of 4 men 24 hours a day, a full crew that is able to deal with most emergencies, including being able to enter a building should there be someone trapped inside. An option that WILL not only save lives and property but also saves money.
With YOUR support, the campaign to keep 24 hour full crew fire cover in Gosport was a success. YOUR Lib Dem councillors would like to thank all of you who came to meetings, signed petitions or returned our Focus surveys, "we have already lost our ambulance station to Conservative cuts, we are also losing our Police Station. The loss of 24 hour cover by the fire service would have been a cut too far.
Thank you for your support."


The People of Gosport say "Think Again!"

At the consultation meeting the people of Gosport overwhelmingly said that the Fire Authority should "THINK AGAIN" and consider a 3rd option being put forward by the Fire Brigades Union. Rob Dellow of the Fire Brigades Union made a heart felt speech detailing the risks of the 2 options put forward and detailed a third option that would save lives, and money.

Cllr Rob Hylands reports on the public consultation which took place on Wednesday 18th November can be found on his Facebook Page HERE.


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