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One Way System finally being implemented on 11th April!

The one-way system in Hill Park Road, Virginia Park Road and Park Close is finally going to be implemented on the 11th April, residents have been asking why it has taken so long, some of the signs have been in place since before Christmas. Whilst once again there has been no word from the two Conservative County councillors for the area, Rob and Austin have been pressing for this to be completed. Cllr Rob Hylands said, "I originally asked for this scheme to be looked at 7 years ago and I am really happy that it has finally come to fruition."


Former PC Richard Adair wants to bring common sense answers to our policing issues.
"For over 30 years I have been on the beat in
Hampshire towns. I know what the front line of
policing is like ... I was it," says Richard Adair.
I would have 3 priorities as your local Police Commissioner

1. Keeping local Police Stations open.
2. Protecting front line Policing. If cuts have to be
made, cut senior managers not Bobbies on the Beat.
3. The Police need to fight crime, not be social

I support Lib Dem calls for more investment in mental health services. Police officers are the wrong people to look after people with poor mental health."

"I'm really pleased that we have someone with real expertise as a front line Policeman who wants to run the Police in Hampshire," says Gosport LIberal Democrat Group Leader Peter Chegwyn. "Richard Adair is a decorated former Hampshire Police Officer. He will be an expert to make our policing driven by common sense and real police knowledge. I will be voting for Richard Adair on May 5th."

Cllrs Rob Hylands and Austin Hicks campaigning to improve road safety.

Our local Councillors Rob Hylands and Austin Hicks are calling for action to improve road safety along Anns Hill Road, especially at busy road junctions with poor sightlines. Cllr Hylands says, "There was another accident at the junction of Southcroft Road and Anns Hill this week, something needs to be done, sometimes you take your life in own hands just crossing the road. With so many retired people and a school nearby this road should really be subject to a 20mph speed limit."

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